The First Man

The First Man

by Melaina Files


Canadian actor, original star on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Ryan Gosling made a special appearance as Neil Armstrong in The First Man.  The First Man came out Thursday, October 12, 2018, and is already grabbing the attention of critics across the nation. This space drama is considered to make Apollo 13, a fantastic film, look juvenile.  After just releasing the award winning, La La Land in 2016, Ryan Gosling did not stop there.

The First Man is sure to inspire its viewers.  The film providing insight into, the often overlooked, space realm.  People everyday forget that there is more outside of school, work, parenting, etc.  Reasonably so, considering the stress and focus necessary for these daily activities.  However, being able to stop and think about how small we are in the galaxy is incredible.  To truly realize that there is so much more to existence than these simple stressors, we as a society often let control our emotions and lives.  If interested, here is a link to a video that depicts the size of Earth in comparison to the rest of the, known, galaxy (Planet Earth compared to other planets and stars in size ).

Neil Armstrong, often is questioned in his accomplishments.  The controversy on whether or not he actually made it to the surface of the moon has found its way through the minds of many Americans to this day.  Mythbusters even made an episode to debunk the myth. In their episode they try to discover if the photos of Apollo moon landing event are real or fake.  Whether or not the event seemed to have happened, Armstrong was sent into space, and did come back ecstatic of a seemingly impossible accomplishment.  

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